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So I call myself a VJ. What does that mean? What do I do when I perform at a dance, arts or concert event? Well, first I'll choose some video clips that will suit the music. Then I arrange those clips in my magic witchcraft software and create a set, all with effects and crazy layer modes and stuff. It's magical. During the event I perform these visuals live with my laptop and MIDI controllers. I try to fit the visuals to the rhythm and melody as the music goes along. I can do this because I am a drummer, trust me.

Because I perform my visuals live, just like a musician would jam along with his instrument, not every millisecond can be planned and orchestrated perfectly. It's improvised! It's live! But the positive side effect is that unexpected synergies will occur. Moments where everybody thinks and says: "Yessssss that fits so perfectly!" Also that does not mean that I don't prepare. After creating the set I perform it once, twice, thrice at home until I am comfortable with it.

Regarding the projection, the simplest form is a projector or TV screen. If the location and event allows it I try to install multiple displays or projection mapping and whatnot. Now, enjoy some examples of my work right HERE!


Music: Matthias Schoellhorn
Date: 10.02.2017
Location: Lichtcampus Hildesheim 2017

PYGMALION album release

Date: 04.02.2017
Location: MUZClub